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Prof. Noam Adir

Principal Investigator

Prof. Noam Adir holds the Bertha Hertz-Axel Chair in Chemistry in the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. 

Prof. Adir has served as the Deputy Executive Vice President for Research of the Technion, the Deputy Vice President for Safety of the Technion and 6 years as the Dean of the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry.

Current Group Members


Dr. Shira Bar-Zvi

Laboratory Manager
Former Ph.D. Student
Structure-Function Analysis of the Phycobilisome Complex of the Cyanobacterium A. Marina

Maayan Suissa Szlejf

Ph.D. Student, M.Sc 2019
Structural & functional characterization of cyanobacterial phycobilisomes.


Jenia cropped

Jenia Sklyar

Ph.D. Student
Structural characterization of carotenoid binding

Guy Lutzky

Ph.D. Student
Designing a Phycobiliprotein Based Exciton Energy Transfer System.


Raneen Hijaze

Ph.D. Student
Development of antibiotics using under-represented peptide sequences. .


Barak Snir

Ph.D. Student
Generating Energy From Photosynthetic Microorganisms


Tareq Tarabeih

Ph.D 2024
New area of research in our lab: Peptide Antibiotics development.


Berta Haimov

MS.c 2023
Coupling Photosystem II With Pt-Decorated CdSe@CdS Nanorods For Overall Water Splitting

Dr. Yaniv Shlosberg

Ph.D 2021
Development of novel bio photo electrochemical cells.


Hagit Shoyhet

MS.c 2020
Structural characterization of carotenoid binding proteins.


Dr. Avital Lahav

Ph.D 2014, MS.c Student 2009
Structure-Function Investigations of the MntA and MntC Proteins from Mesophilic and Thermophilic Cyanobacteria.


Dr. Tunde Toth

Ph.D Researcher

Dr. Dvir Harris

Ph.D. Student
Determination of the interaction between the Phycobilisome (PBS) light harvesting antenna and the Orange Carotenoid Protein (OCP).

Dr. Sudeshna Ghosh

Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Dan Kallmann

Ph.D. 2018
Photocurrents from Photosynthesis

Roy Ben Harosh

M.Sc. 2014
Energy Transfer and Charge Separation in Phycocyanin: Developing a Bio-DSSC



Shiri Yamin Katzir

M.Sc. Student 2016
Toward Structure Determination of Rbt5, a Heme and Hemoglobin Receptor from Candida Albicans.


Dr. Mor Sendovsky-Goldfeder

Ph.D. Student 2013
Rational Design and Structure-Based Investigations of a Tyrosinase from Bacillus megaterium


Prof. Moran Shalev

Ph.D. Student 2013
Elucidation of Aminoglycosides Modes of Activity in Eukaryotes: Towards Improved Therapeutic Derivatives


Dr. Roy Pinhassi

Ph.D. Graduate 2015 (Technion Grand Energy Program)
Engineering of a Green System for the Production of Photocurrent and Hydrogen through Photosynthesis


Dr. Ofir Tal

Ph.D. Graduate 2014
Investigation of the Interactions Leading to Phycobilisome Assembly


Dr. Sivan Perl

Ph.D. Graduate 2017
Robust Spherical Proteins for Chemical Applications



Prof. Liron David

Ph.D. Student 2012
The Phycobilisome (PBS) is the major light harvesting antenna in cyanobacteria and red algae.


Dr. Saper Gadiel

Ph.D. Student 2017 (Technion Grand Energy Program)
Characterization of mutated PSII designed for green energy production.

Dr. Sharon Navon

Ph.D. Student 2012
Short Peptide Sequences Inhibit Prokaryotic Translation: A New Way of Looking at Biological Information

Yigal Linkovsky

M.Sc. Graduate 2012
Engineering of a Green System for the Structural and Functional Investigation of the Mitochondrial TSPO Receptor.

Dr. Ailie Marx-McGregor

M.Sc. 2007; Ph.D. 2011
Elucidation of Phycobilisome Functionalities Using High Resolution Structures of Phycobiliproteins

Dr. Margarita Kanteev

M.Sc. 2007; Ph.D. 2011
Structure-Function Investigation of Metal Ion Binding Proteins

Dr. Anat Shahar

M.Sc. 2005; Ph.D. 2010
Structural Studies on Protein Involved in Human Health: The M. tuberculosis Cpn60.2 Chaperonin and the Mitochondrial TSPO Receptor Protein

Faris Salama

M.Sc. 2009 ; Ph.D. 2015
Engineering a Photosystem II Dependet Bio-generator & the X-Ray Structure of HspA, which Protects PSII from Thermal Damage

Tali Schwartzman

M.Sc. 2009
Structural Investigations of the MntB Protein The Transmembrane Unit of an ABC-Type Manganese Transport System in Cyanobacteria


Merav Klartag

M.Sc. 2008
Investigating the Core Components of the Phycobilisome of the Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Termosynechoccus Vulcanus


Dr. Monica Dines

Ph.D. 2007
Structure Determination of Proteins Involved in the Stability of the Phycobilisomes during Environmental Stress

Dr. Valeria Rukhman

M.Sc. 2000; Ph.D. 2005
Determination of the Three Dimensional Structure of MntC: A Periplasmic Manganese Transport Protein from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803


Meirav Abdelas

M.Sc. 2004
Interactions of Metals Corroles with Human Serum Albumin


Prof. Boaz Pokroy

M.Sc. 2003
On the Formation of Hybrid Organic/Liquid Metal Interfaces


Prof. Miri Barak

Ph.D. 2002
A Model for a Web-Based Community of Chemistry Learners in Higher Education

Rina Anati

Ph.D. Student, 2002
Progress in Determination of 3D structures of Proteins Involved in Manganese Functions in Photosynthetic Organisms.

Radion Vainer

M.Sc. 2002
Crystallization and Determination of the Structure of KDO8Psynthase with Competitive Inhibitors

Elena Dobrovetsky

M.Sc. 2001
Isolation, Crystallization and Crystallographic Characterization of Cytochrome b559 of Photosystem II


Dr. Ludmila Abezgauz

M.Sc. 2001
the Role of Detergents in Crystallization of Membrane Proteins


Dr. Meira Melamed-Frank

Former Lab manager