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Our Research Fields

The Phycobilisome Antenna Complex

Absorption of light is the driving force of photosynthesis.
The Phycobilisome is a giant light harvesting complex with many amazing characteristics that we reveal using X-ray crystallography and other biophysical methods.

Using Photosynthesis for Direct Clean Energy Production

We are developing new methods to use the natural solar energy conversion machinery of bacteria, algae and plants to try and make the cleanest of all energy sources.

Development of a platform for novel antibiotics

Truly - new antibiotics are difficult to develop.
We have devised a completely new way of identifying potentially compounds that are lethal to bacteria

Enzyme structure and function

Understanding the mechanism of enzyme catalysis is greatly assisted by the existence of high-resolution X-ray crystal structures that show the position of substrates and inhibitors.
Our group works on a variety of enzymes.

Molecular Transport Systems

The cell contains thousands of components: proteins, nucleic acids, metabolites, etc. Many of the cells most important system are involved at molecular transport: getting the right amount of the right components to the right place at the right time. Structural biology, mutagenesis and biochemical analysis help decipher these systems.

Stress Related Proteins

Another important class of proteins protect the cell from adverse changes in their environment – temperature, salt, pH, light intensity, nutrient sources, etc. When cells are stressed, these proteins perform different function to help the cell survive. We are interested in such proteins from different organisms.